Legal Services

The legal department of IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR is led by a highly experienced and well-trained team of lawyers specialized in the area of debt collection.

The aim of our legal department is to provide clients with all the assistance required for an accurate defence of their interests in debt collection.

The actions carried out by our legal department are focused not only on recovering debts through a judicial process but also on providing for legal advise to our clients in all related matters carried out such as the preparation and the obtaining of contracts, legal counsel on specific areas and obtainance of payments guarantees…

More than 3,000 companies have instructed IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR to date and, in turn, we now have a large legal department which has become one of the most specialized in debt collection.

As a result, our Legal Department can offer a top quality service at very competitive rates.

IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR has been appointed to handle all the judicial claims in Spain for all the INTRUM JUSTITIA CREDITOR Group clients.

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