Domestict Collection

IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR specializes in commercial and financial debt collection. We do not treat the collection of any debt by a mass automated system. Each case is analyzed separately and handled personally by one of our expert lawyers. The client is kept constantly informed of the situation of each of his cases by the most appropriate way for him; internet, e-mail, mail, fax, etc. Likewise, telephone calls are returned immediately.

At IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR we know the importance of an updated and transparent information system. This is what we will offer to you, not only because we use the best technical tools, but also because we are convinced that our handling is unique amongst the companies of our sector. Therefore we guarantee you that the quality of our service will be second to none, which will be seen in the results obtained.

The treatment and management of the unpaid debts is usually performed by the companies in an inefficient way.

The outsourcing of this task to a specialized firm can lead improved collection rates for the company and consequently, a reduction in the costs allowed in this area.

Thanks to its experience, IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR is able to assist companies to reorganize the management of their debt collection either trough the introduction of new in-house systems and – or by outsourcing their debt collection to our company.

Outsourcing saves fixed expenses and guarantees an efficient and accurate treatment of the costs resulting from unpaid debts.