All the areas of the IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR Group’s companies are covered by highly qualified personnel in order to assure the achievement of a common target: to satisfy the trust and expectations which our clients have placed on us.

At IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR we are aware that, at all levels, all departments (managers, administration, commercial, production, legal, It, I+D, etc) must work in unison, perfectly coordinated in order to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients. We know that the best growth formula is to provide not only an efficient service but also a satisfactory one.

Therefore at IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR we do not cease studying, investigating and developing new working methods, and we are always available for you in order to provide you with the most clear and updated information regarding your cases, because we understand that your interests are our interests.

IURIS JUSTITA CREDITOR enjoys an increasing national and international presence, 40 lawyers working on two different departments:

 √  The amicable debt collection department works on contingency basis

√  The Legal department offers a quality service of very competitive rates.

Tenga en cuenta

El departamento judicial trabaja en estrecha colaboración con el extrajudicial
No tendrá que decidir sólo: siempre tendrá un experto que le aconseje
Le explicaremos el porqué de cada recomendación
Todos nuestros recursos estarán a su servicio