“… working with IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR has meant an important change for our company. The transfer the debt collection functions to a specialized and experienced company such as IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR has implied a sharp increase in collection rates. Moreover, our internal collection department has been spared of a lot of administrative tasks. Thus, we have been able to focus our work on the prevention of credit – risk and have given our clients a more personal attention”
Financial Director of a Rental Car Multinational.

“… Our company is used to trading with a lot of companies abroad. We had worked with several debt collection companies in the past but none of them had been able to offer an integral range of services, including international services and judicial debt collection. As IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR is supplying international assistance, we have enlarged our relations with companies in other countries in the confidence that in the event that a default in payment occurred, we would be provided with the most effective assistance to solve it”
Commercial Manager of an Equipment Manufacturing Company.

“… IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR has not only improved our rates of collection but also has set up in our company the technological resources and work routines which have brought out important savings in the budget dedicated to the debt collection area”.
Financial Director of an International Courier Company.